Re: [css-transforms][fill-stroke] Discussing Open Issues

On 04/04/2017 05:12 PM, fantasai wrote:
> There are a number of open issues on CSS Transforms that need your help.
> They're documented in the DoC with “=SVGWG=” and are summarized below.
> The new Fill/Stroke spec also has a ton of open issues which will need
> discussion/resolution:
> The CSSWG suggests setting up a joint SVGWG/CSSWG call to find resolutions
> for these issues. If you're interested in participating, please help us
> pick a time. :)
> We're currently suggesting to take the old SVGWG call slot, say, next week,
> but are open to other timing suggestions.
> Please respond to this thread to say
> a) If you are interested in participating wrt Transforms and/or Fill+Stroke
> b) If you can attend this week or next week at
> c) If you would strongly prefer a different time or date (pls indicate restrictions)

We took a survey on the CSSWG call, and we're confirmed to discuss Transforms
issues tomorrow Thursday/Friday (depending on Timezone) at

Any resolutions taken will be pending review by people not able to make the call,
and fantasai will be taking minutes to facilitate that. Any spillover will be
taken up during the CSSWG Tokyo F2F in two weeks.


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