[Bug 29809] Accessing the offset of inner SVG elements


--- Comment #10 from Arun <arunkumar413@gmail.com> ---
It seems that you have not understood the concept well. Using css selectors it
isn't possible to uniquely identify an element and if I use IDs I'll have to
generate a large number of unique IDs

The challenge here is to get the offsets of inner SVG elements in the HTML DOM.
Even if the SVG element is moved anywhere in the DOM we should be able to
access the offsets of the inner elements which can help us sustain the
connections with other SVG elements.

Anyways I tried the contentDocument that you have suggested but I'm unable to
modify the inner SVG components (see attached screenshot). Here is the code
snippet that I'm testing on google cloud (

Also Here is the link that I referred to access the inner svg components in an
object tag (https://benfrain.com/selecting-svg-inside-tags-with-javascript/)

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