Re: SVG document types

Mittwoch 23 November 2016, 12:06:21:

James Ingram:
> @Olaf: Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on this problem but,
> as you see, the final answer looks a bit different. As you said, these
> things all hang together, so maybe you could use something like the
> above solution in your own domain (poetry etc.). :-)
> All the best,
> James


no, custom data-attributes are no solution to provide any semantic 
information, because per definition the values of such attributes have no
meaning beyond internal use for authors.
As mentioned in the definition of data-attributes:
'These attributes are not intended for use by software that is independent of 
the site that uses the attributes.'
They simply have no meaning for the audience.

Attributes reflecting any semantic and defined meaning to be exposed to the 
audience is the opposite - this needs available and linked specifications as
the role attribute and RDFa or RDF provide.

One use case for custom data attributes can be, if you produce your content 
with scripts or programs to note some information to be able to reproduce the 
result, such attributes are simpler to read out as to set only comments - but 
of course, those can be used in a similar way, if one used an internally 
defined structure of comments for a project.
Therefore custom data attributes have no really important use cases and are 
not meaningful related to any relevant content exposed to the audience.


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