HTML's SVG integration story


I've been fixing a few longstanding bugs recently with regards to SVG:

1. Allowing currentScript to return SVGScriptElement:
2. Supporting SVGImageElement in <canvas> and createImageBitmap():

Both of these still require work on the SVG side and we should
probably figure out a plan together how to best define SVG script and
image so they reuse the machinery already defined in HTML. If you need
any kind of refactoring to happen on the HTML side we'd be happy to

There's also a proposal to improve the HTML parser to make it easier
to use HTML elements inside SVG which I'd love to get your input on:

If there's anything else that hasn't been reported yet but needs doing
please let us know, thanks!

Kind regards,


Received on Thursday, 24 March 2016 08:33:02 UTC