SVG WG moving to GitHub issues

Hi all,

At the Sydney F2F we began the move to using GitHub issues as a means of tracking and discussing issues on the SVG specifications.

Members of the working group agree that there's some big advantages to using GitHub over www-svg. Primarily, that GitHub will allow for much improved tracking of issues and actions. In the past we’ve lost track of numerous important comments and had actions drop off the radar, because we haven’t had the tools to track them effectively. GitHub isn’t perfect, but it is already good, and has the potential to improve over time. Our existing tools don’t.
Hopefully our non member contributors will see the benefits and enjoy using GitHub as well.

I’ve drafted some guidelines on using GitHub issues:

This page includes information about how we handle issues, how to raise issues, the issue lifecycle, etc.
It also includes information about using an email based workflow, for those that prefer to.
I would appreciate review and feedback.

Note: we’re still working on an issue with GitHub emails being forwarded to public-svg-issues.


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Received on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 04:19:45 UTC