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Hi Geoffrey,

The SVG 1.1 Test Suite is the latest stable test suite; there isn't
anything else you've failed to find.  It of course does not cover any of
the new SVG 2 features, and some of the features it does cover have been
deprecated or even removed.  It also was not extremely comprehensive in the
first place, particularly when it comes to edge case behavior.

I'm not seeing the repo you're referring to on  The links from
that home page are the valid builds, latest Editor's Draft updates for each
spec, with links to the source on GitHub.  If there is a separate test
suite repo still hosted on that domain, it's probably out of date.  All
active work is on GitHub.

At the moment, work is focusing on stablizing the spec itself.  The next
step will be to create a new test suite, and to integrate it in browser's
automated testing suites.

The modules that have been updated jointly with CSS (masking, filters) have
tests linked from their Editor's Drafts, using the CSS working group's
testing harness.  The working group would like to use the same testing
harness, but we have the extra complication that we need tests to be
re-formatted for stand-alone SVG, inline SVG, and SVG embedded in HTML
different ways.

You are right that the wiki is not very well maintained.  It was mostly
used as internal communication with a little more persistence than the
email list.  GitHub issues should be replacing both.

~Amelia Bellamy-Royds

On 21 April 2016 at 20:11, Geoffrey Sneddon <> wrote:

> Hey,
> Trying to find out information about the current status of the SVG
> testsuite seems a bit hard. :)
> The top result on Google seems to be
> <> which I
> would assume to be a decent starting point. It makes only passing
> reference to SVG2, pointing to
> <>
> and saying <>
> "maybe still useful". Otherwise the most recent information there
> appears to refer to the 2011 SVG 1.1 Second Edition Test Suite; I'd
> hope there's been work done on the testsuite in the past five years!
> The testing requirements page says the "test suites are available at
> <>", which
> per above doesn't cover anything since 2011, and otherwise mostly
> talks about templates.
> The how-to points to CVS, and nothing there seems to have happened
> after 2011. The directory for the SVG 2 testsuite is completely empty.
> Going back up to the SVG2 page on the wiki gives us a link to the SVG2
> repo, so let's go there and hope there's something about testing
> there, which finally ends up with us at
> <>. Still, nothing there since
> mid-2014. That said, none of the repos have been touched
> since 2014, and there's certainly been work on SVG2 since then.
> There's also <>,
> linked to from nowhere, which contains an import of the 1.1 Second
> Edition test suite as well as a test using idlharness.js for all the
> various interfaces.
> So, have a bunch of questions:
> a) Where is the SVG testsuite kept currently? I assume is
> abandoned given not even the copy of the spec there has been touched
> there, which leaves me totally lost as to where it is. All the other
> results on Google are for vastly old copies of the test suite.
> b) Is there any plan to get browsers running the testsuite on a
> regular basis and keeping up-to-date with upstream changes to it?
> c) Is there any plan to get more of browser's testsuites into it? (I
> obviously can't judge how much this happens without knowing where the
> testsuite is!)
> Given I've failed to find anything, we really should either make sure
> the wiki either contains correct info or is clearly labelled as
> unmaintained.
> /Geoffrey

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