Re: Interactive Declarative Animation in <img>

On 03/25/2015 10:46 PM, Doug Schepers wrote:
> To be clear, it's not about "SMIL-events", it's any user-initiated
> interactivity, including the navigation of links, hover effects, etc.,
> which also includes events that trigger animations.
> I think these should be allowed for SVGs in <img>, but we have to figure
> out what that would mean.

Right, CSS hover effects are another good (non-SMIL-related) event
interaction model here.

Semi-strawman suggestion: maybe we'd even want to allow mousewheel
scrolling of overflow:scroll content?  This doesn't seem very
"image-like", but it is in line with a "secure interactive animated mode".

"Navigation of links" scares me.  I think you'll agree that we shouldn't
allow navigation to *external links* from inside an image. :) This is a
natural extension (requirement?) of the "no external resources" rule for
SVG-as-an-image.  We could conceivably allow navigation *to an anchor
within the image-document*, but this would still let the image change
its own URL, which seems to introduce undesirable complexity.


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