Re: Text and Tspan and Anchors - OH MY


There are already bug reports for this on the major browsers


Both of these browsers currently do not propagate the textLength
adjustments to child <tspan> elements.  The <tspan> content gets rendered
at its normal width, and then the rest of the content of the <text> element
gets adjusted to meet the final textLength.  Since the only remaining
content available to adjust is the whitespace before and after the
<tspan>s, that's what gets stretched out.

The total text *does* fill the space, but most of it is filled by
stretched-out space characters.

IE stretches things out slightly differently, still exaggerating the
whitespace but also stretching the second tspan.  I haven't tested this
fiddle, but based on webkit bug reports (, they also have
difficulties with text length adjustments.

*In other words, we probably need clearer definitions of the expected
behavior, and significant overhauls of implementations.*  Part of the
problem is that the original purpose of textLength was only as a rendering
hint, to control differences between fonts, but everyone wants to use it as
a stretch/compress tool.

Also, as a side note, you probably don't want the `xml:space="preserve"`
setting.  Although it does not behave like an <pre> element in HTML, it
does make sure (in a SVG 1.1 viewer) that each space, tab, or newline
character in your code gets reflected as a space in the final text
content.  SVG 2 deprecates this in favour of using CSS for whitespace


>  *From:* Smailus, Thomas O
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> *Subject:* Text and Tspan and Anchors - OH MY
> I’m curious about what this SVG 1.2se should be rendered as:
> The text specifies a location and length, the tspan elements should FILL
> that extent, yes?
> But no, that’s not the case ( )

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