Re: svgView transform behaviour (was: Re: [svg2] transform on <svg>)

A `transform: none` property isn't a complete reset.  It doesn't over-ride
transformations in parent/child elements, which is how I was thinking of
the relationship between an svgView(transform(...)) value and a transform
property on the root <svg>.

However, another way of thinking of it would be to say that any transform
values specified in the svgView are inserted at the beginning of the
transform list specified for the <svg>.  In that case, it would make sense
to have a separate rule for `none`.

For myself, I would be a lot more comfortable with having a simple replace
behavior, in which case no special rules would be required.

> The first question is: should 'none' be allowed in the svgView syntax at
all? It's vague in the spec atm.

That's because SVG 1.1 didn't have a `none` value for `transform`.  The
attribute was simply omitted if there was no transform.  Right now, if you
used it, it would invalidate the svgView fragment.


Received on Monday, 2 March 2015 15:55:04 UTC