Re: External <use> references -- adding clarifying text to spec

On Wed, 10 Jun 2015 18:15:48 +0200, Amelia Bellamy-Royds  
<> wrote:

> Regarding SVG-ACTION-3794: "Make external <use> be explicitly undefined  
> and
> remove crossorigin attribute"
> As I discussed with the working group today, I don't want SVG 2 to give  
> the
> impression of moving backwards.  We don't want to break things that
> currently work because there are undefined edge cases.  So it is  
> important
> to be explicit about what is and isn't undefined about external <use>
> references.
> Therefore, I suggest the following text for an informative note:
> The element referenced by `use` may be in a separate document.  However,
> this specification does not define how or if the user agent will process
> stylesheets and scripts in that document, or what viewport it will use  
> for
> resolving percentages and media queries.  When re-using external assets,
> therefore, authors are advised not to include any scripts in the external
> file and to use inline styles or presentation attributes only.   
> Percentage
> lengths should only be used if the re-used assets define their own  
> viewport (i.e., if the re-used element is an `svg` or `symbol`).
> User agents may restrict restrict external asset files for security
> reasons. Authors are advised that current implementations do not support
> cross-origin file access.  A future version of this or another
> specification may provide a method of securely enabling cross-origin  
> re-use
> of assets.

Sounds good, I'll add this to the spec with some minor tweaks.


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