Re: SVG animations without SMIL

Just to add a comment to the paper that Bob Hopgood circulated earlier
today. One thought that came to me after he had sent the paper was this.

Rather than reuse the current path element would it be better to suggest a
new element, say <gpath> (for geometry path, contrast mpath for motion
path, though I realise mpath can reference a path), then the current path
primitive could have either a d attribute as now, or could specify geometry
by reference to a <gpath> element (or perhaps multiple gpath elements),
thus allowing reuse of geometry. One reason for suggesting this that I
doubt that path in the sense it is used in this proposal should be allowed
all the attributes of the current path element, for example, allowing, say,
graphical event attributes such as on click.

A thought on something someone said last night, whilst I can see that
defining "core" animation first, then thinking about adding d attribute
animation is sensible in a divide-and-conquer sense, I can see two dangers
in this, first that the second stage will be forgotten and second that the
"core" might be defined too narrowly making it difficult to add d attribute
animation, or any more general kind of morphing transformation, at a later


On 3 June 2015 at 12:50, Bob Hopgood <> wrote:

> Despite what some people may say, SVG geometric content is specified in
> SVG  primarily by the path descriptions. If area colour or line
> thickness, say, is part of the SVG content it will use SVG rendering
> attributes or CSS properties in such a way that they cannot be changed by
> a change in user stylesheet.
> ...

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