Firefox white space between <object> and referenced SVG


I am still struggling with getting reliable design with
SVG elements, and the issue I have is that:

1. when I load external SVG with <object>
2. set <object> style "border: 1px solid black"
3. and I use Firefox

There is a thin white space between my SVG
image and <object> border.

The image is still this 10x10 box:

    <svg xmlns="">
      <rect width="10" height="10"/>

In Chrome there is no space, and I don't have IE 11
to test. So, there are questions:

1. Where does this white space come from?
2. Is there a specification that tell if it should it be
there or not?
3. Are there any official render tests that
track such issues (I may be able to add mine)?

anatoly t.

Received on Monday, 20 July 2015 13:47:14 UTC