Re: Numerical Limits in SVG coordinates?


to resume, there is nothing wrong with this SVG 1.1 document 
(would be different for the tiny variant - an indication, that one may adjust 
the document to meet the capabilities of tiny viewers - even more the orgy of
zeros seems to be a little bit absurd , clearly indicating that the conversion 
tool needs to be improved) ,  
this bug needs to be fixed in firefox if it does not manage to display this.
Several viewers have problems to get the correct presentation, if transform 
scaling or viewBox values are used to present data in user specific 
dimensions and not close to screen dimensions.
However the S in SVG means, that it is scalable and it is an important
feature for authors to be able to use relevant coordinates and not just
arbitrary screen coordinates not related to the problem to be presented.

Especially G.8 of the recommendation implicates how accurate viewers
have to manage the presentation:
'All visual rendering must be accurate to within one device pixel (px unit) to 
the mathematically correct result at the initial 1:1 zoom ratio.'
Often viewers fail to manages this (and for complex content it is not even 
obvious to me how to ensure mathematically, to manage this requirement
perfectly - however here for a simple polygon it is simple as well to 
determine this ;o)

G.8 :


Received on Thursday, 29 January 2015 12:41:00 UTC