Re: How should viewTarget work?

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On 18 February 2015 at 04:43, Chris Lilley <> wrote:
> We should fix this by explicitly defining that :target applies to the
> elements wholly contained within the specified view.

"elements wholly contained within the specified view" is something quite
different from what I was suggesting, and would require extra computation
on the part of the browser.  I was only focusing on elements that the
author had specifically identified via the viewTarget attribute.

> >  Secondary question: would the
> > `:target` pseudoclass still apply to the view element itself?
> By default it would (as you found) but I think that while fully
> defining that element behaviour we should exclude it from being
> directly applied to the element itself.

The problem with excluding it is backwards compatibility and general
intuitiveness.  Although it's buggy in some browsers, it is
possible currently to use view:target with CSS sibling selectors to apply
target styles.  Furthermore, I think authors will just expect that view
elements will work the same as any other element as far as CSS
pseudoclasses go.

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