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Re: Bounding box of a group with a transformed child

From: Paul LeBeau <paul.lebeau@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 00:20:54 +1200
Message-ID: <CACfsppAhD-U3rdpHN3Buu1W98gTSECz_B9dFAvaAQXMBmA4SEA@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Dr. Olaf Hoffmann" <Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de>
Cc: www-svg <www-svg@w3.org>, kari.pihkala@gmail.com
It seems that pretty much all of the browsers, except FF, cheat and return
the extent of the transformed-bbox.  Probably because calculating the true
bbox of some elements (like complicated paths) is a little tricky.
 Especially since the bbox needs to be calculated and available before any
rendering takes place.  And in most cases it doesn't make a lot of
difference if it is a little too big.

I admit that I also use this cheat in my library.


On 26 May 2014 21:14, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de> wrote:

> Kari Pihkala:
> ...
> >The document has a rotated ellipse element in a group element:
> ><g id="e2">
> >   <ellipse id="e1" rx="50" ry="50" transform="translate(100,100)
> >rotate(45)"/>
> ></g>
> >
> Due to symmetry reasons one can say already without calculation,
> that the boundingBox is '50 50 100 100'.
> >The resulting bboxes for e2 are:
> >Firefox: 50.011 50.011 99.976 99.976
> This is obviously not completely correct, but if the display
> area is not too big or one does not scale it up by more than
> a factor ~50, at least it will be typically in the error
> range given by SVG tiny (below one device pixel), for
> SVG full the accuracy should be better.
> Note, that the diameter is too small and the translation
> too large, it breaks possible symmetries, if such an object
> is related to other objects, positioned and oriented in other ways.
> I noticed already serious accuray problems in several viewers
> in other areas as well, for example tesselations, pattern, division
> of shapes into pieces to care about problems of the rendering order,
> animation, scaling for small viewBoxes or due to transforms and so on.
> As an author one has to take into account, that often the accuracy of
> viewers is much lower than the requirements for SVG tiny or full.
> >Safari: 29.289 29.289 141.421 141.421
> Because the ellipse is a circle or radius 50 this is
> a pretty surprising result - it seems to multiply the result with
> approximately the square root of 2
> (the inverse of the cos/sin of the rotation angle)
> - better not to use information about bounding boxes from this user agent
> ;o)
> My guess - it puts a rectangle around the ellipse and determines the
> boundingBox for this shape, not for the ellipse.
> Does it put a rectangle as well around other shapes as well? ;o)
> >
> >Here's jsfiddle to the doc, so you can see the results.
> >http://jsfiddle.net/AJYhX/1/
> I cannot find any related information about this issue
> on that URI, maybe the page has an accessibility problem.
> I copied your sample in an own file and set the viewBox to
> the determined boundingBox.
> Fortunately there is no difference in presentation between
> Firefox (28) , Opera (12.16) and Chromium (33, webKit) within
> the accuracy I can see on my monitor.
> Olaf
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