Re: mime-type and mime-encoding for .svgz

* Bob Tennent wrote:
> >|>My interpretation of the w3c recommendations is that a .svgz
> >|>file should be served with Content-Type: image/svg+xml and
> >|>Content-Encoding: gzip. Am I wrong?
> >|
> >|You are correct, a gzipped SVG file should be served with those two
> >|headers. seems to be
> >|the most mistaken message in the thread, if someone wants to respond.
>Thanks.  But the most important message to respond to is
>because he's the author of the thttpd software. If he doesn't think
>the .svgz extension indicates *both* an encoding *and* a mime-type,
>there's no way the software will be fixed.

If he does not want to support a configuration that lets users set the
Content-Encoding and Content-Type header based on a file extension then
that is his choice to make; there is nothing particularily wrong with
that. A workaround for users would be to uncompress the file and let the
server handle compression and headers, assuming thttpd supports that.
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