Re: question about "presentation attributes"

(2014/03/22 23:25), David Dailey wrote:
> In the second of these references, it says "There are a number of SVG attributes which do not map to CSS properties but which are nevertheless animatable. The procedures for animating these attributes are defined in a forthcoming SVG Animation specification."
> Is the first of those references, the very same forthcoming document? I wasn't sure where the issue was addressed.

Hi David,

That will be addressed here:

Currently that's just a skeleton of a spec and probably a bunch of the 
features outlined in the use cases will be deferred to a later level 
(depending, in part, on the timing of SVG2). Also, it probably won't be 
updated in a hurry since the initial focus is on getting CSS to work 
with the Web Animations model.

> So, if I am correct in reading what you, Dirk and Tab have written, it appears that my real questions (using more accurate terminology) should have been:
> 1. Will something like href, while not a presentation attribute and hence not stylable in CSS, still be animatable using CSS?

As Tab points out, no. But it should be animatable from SVG and from the 

> 4. When might we expect such things to actually work in browsers (particularly IE where it most matters)?

There's work underway in Blink and Gecko but it will take some time. 
I've heard suggestions of work in Webkit. I don't know about Microsoft 
except to say they haven't opposed the idea.

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