question about "presentation attributes"

Hi folks,


I sort of think I understand the list at :


On the left side of the table is an attribute name. To its right is the set
of SVG elements to which that attribute can be applied.


But in the list at , I seem to
be missing something.


a)      Am I to understand that as in the above table we might apply, for
example, the font-stretch attribute to the feColor matrix filter? I'm not
sure what that would mean. Maybe I just never thought of differentially
applying an feColor filter primitive to things that have had their fonts
stretched. It is sort of a fun idea, of course.

b)      When it says that "the plan is to allow all SVG elements to be
stylable" does this mean that all elements should be selectable by CSS?

c)        Does it mean that all attributes (presentation or otherwise)
should be stylable by CSS?

d)      Does that mean that all attributes (and their values) should be
animatable through CSS?


Ultimately, can the example at be
built declaratively, so that the placements of the ellipses as well as their
distinct animations can be decided by CSS?






Received on Thursday, 20 March 2014 01:23:41 UTC