Re: transform as a presentation attribute

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Juergen Roethig wrote:
> [lots of arguments for higher priority of presentation attributes in the CSS cascade]

... and once again: The original question (or "proposal" from someone 
else) was to make the existing _regular_ SVG attribute "transform" a 
_presentation_ attribute from now on (in SVG2 or wherever). And 
"transform" is undoubtly a regular attribute and no presentation 
attribute, so far, and this can be easily read from

And I would strictly argue against such a change as long as the value of 
a presentation attribute can be easily overridden by any simple CSS 
rule. And I might accept such a change when (and only then) the priority 
of a presentation attribute gets changed as well. But well, my "vote" is 
just the vote of a simple user who sometimes tends to code his own SVG 
applications which are probably very simple and non-innovative (that's 
once again the touch of irony which I mentioned before).

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Juergen Roethig

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 13:08:22 UTC