Re: Redo of my proposal: defining different styles

(only suggestions from another SVG author ;o)

your proposal should define in detail the meaning and behaviour
for fill-style and stroke-style for each value.
And of course stroke-style-width and stroke-style-height as well.
It is not obvious, what for example the effect of a fill-style="cool slant"
is for a path filled with a gradient.
It is not obvious, what for example stroke-style="riblet" might mean
for a stroke of a path with a stroke-dasharray pattern.

Maybe provide additional SVG documents, which simulate the
visual effect of each style. A mathematical representation, how to
get each effect could be very useful for implementors as well.

Especially because the stroke already represents something
like the outline of a shape, it is not obvious, how your proposal
deviates from this function.
For example with stroke-dasharray one can define a (simple) pattern
on this stroke. Referencing a pattern element for the stroke 
provides another pattern for the stroke presentation.

How is your proposal related to already existing attributes like
stroke-dasharray,stroke-dashoffset,  stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, 
stroke-miterlimit, stroke-width, stroke, fill, fill-rule?
What happens, if the stroke has a pattern given by a pattern element
or a gradient? Is there any influence on the visual presentation due
to your new attributes/properties?

Note, that in the past it was discussed already, how to determine
the shape of caps for dash from stroke-dasharray (this was even 
mentioned in the current recommendations as something like a 
promise for the future, but is not realised yet).
And in the SVG 2 drafts there are some new features, that might
be interesting as well here, either already as the intended effect
or as something, that has to be taken into account as having infuence
on the visual effect of your new properties/attributes.
For example it is discussed as well, that the width of the stroke
can change over the pace of a path, therefore it is maybe
necessary for your proposal to explain, how it works for such
a stroke as well.


Received on Sunday, 22 June 2014 12:09:38 UTC