Re: SVG API for canvas

>> On 6/9/14, 11:09 PM, Rik Cabanier wrote:
>>> However, requestAnimationFrame should result in smoother animation than
>>> SMIL.
>> Why, exactly?
>> -Boris
>In Blink (Chrome/Opera), svg animations (aka SMIL) are internally driven  
>by rAF too, so there should be no difference.

Boris is right, sorry.

JS driving the animation uses the JS engine to do the animation calculations
instead of native code which can also take advantage of any browser internals
it wants, like layers, etc.

When JS execution speed matches C/C++ this _might_ be moot but the best
asm.js results still show 50% slow-down (addmittedly on non-critical render
times from what I've seen), however claiming rAF is equivalent to SMIL for
performance is a bit of a stretch. To claim rAF is smoother than SMIL needs
some hard data to support, and I'd bet that's lacking, please contradict this
with some numbers if I've missed something.

rAF can at best match but  not beat (or be smoother than) native SMIL if the stars are aligned nicely:-)


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