[SVG 2] bearing path command and simple drawing of objects with discrete rotation symmetry


I want to suggest to allow not only angles in degree for the path B/b command, 
but some notation of fractions like 1/7 as well.
With this, this command can get quite useful to draw simple star like 
symmetrical objects, in general objects with discrete rotation symmetry as 
already discussed several times in the past years.

In detail: Alternatively to a number representing an angle in degree, it
would be useful to be able to note number1/number2.
This expression represents a fraction of a full turn.
In case number2 is accidently noted as 0, one can define 0 degree as

a) Authors do not have to calculate the approximate angle
in degrees and do not have to bother about residuals from rounding this
b) This gives more accurate (semantical) information about the intended
shape than rounded numbers, therefore it is simpler to identify the intented
meaning or purpose of a shape.


Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 16:38:06 UTC