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> Created attachment 1471 [details]
> photoshop's clipping mask
> For SVG 2.0 I think it would be beneficial to drop the <mask> and <clipPath>
> tags. It seems silly that both of the tags have very similar functions and
> attributes yet mask="url(#...)" MUST point to a <mask> and
> clip-path="url(#...) MUST point to a <clipPath>. The fact along that these
> can't be interchangeable is evidence enough that it could be improved.
> Instead, I propose we allow clip-path and mask attributes to point to
> regular elements.
> - If the clip-path'd element is inside <defs> then it doesn't render to the
> page.
> - Else it's outside of <defs> and it does render to the page.
> The latter case, which would be new functionality is implemented fairly well.
> For example, compare this pseudo-code of an eye with the attached image.
> <path id="sclera" d="..." style="stroke-width:2; fill:tan; stroke:#c96;"/>
> <path id="pupil"  d="..." style="stroke-width:20; fill:#000; stroke:#09c;"
> clip-path="url(#sclera)"/>

There is definitely a difference between masking and clipping in general. We
definitely should keep both operations.

You ask for referencing an element or group of elements directly instead of
having the <mask> and <clipPath> elements.

First of all, the new CSS Masking specification[1] will allow referencing
arbitrary elements with the element() function for the 'mask' property. The
referenced element will then be used as mask image.

However, element() is not going to replace <mask>. <mask> allows to specify the
masking operation (alpha or luminance masking) and to clip the reference
element to a certain size. With maskUnits and maskContentUnits authors have
much more control over the masked image than simply by referencing it.

'clip-path' has new basic shapes that can be used directly instead of
referencing elements at all.

Last but not least we need to recognize the massive usage of masking an
clipping with the <mask> and <clipPath> element. All operations are exclusively
done with these two elements. Dropping at this point is simply not possible.

[1] http://dev.w3.org/fxtf/css-masking-1/

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