Re: SVG2: drop xmlns requirement on svg root?

* Erik Dahlström wrote:
> From
>In all cases, for compliance with the Namespaces in XML Recommendation  
>[XML-NS], an SVG namespace declaration must be provided so that all SVG  
>elements are identified as belonging to the SVG namespace.
>Since in SVG2 we are dropping the requirement for having the xlink:xmlns  
>attribute[1], how much of a stretch would it be to also allow xmlns-less  
><svg> root elements? This is already allowed when inline in html[2].


You might be misunderstanding the first reference. As far as I can tell
it is about using <svg:image href='...' />, not about using `xlink:href`
without `xmlns:xlink` namespace prefix declaration. I do not think your
idea is worth persuing unless you want to make much bigger changes like
using a wholly new media type and using a non-XML syntax.
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