Re: SVG2: drop xmlns requirement on svg root?

On 4/1/14 12:14 PM, Erik Dahlström wrote:
> Since in SVG2 we are dropping the requirement for having the xlink:xmlns
> attribute[1], how much of a stretch would it be to also allow xmlns-less
> <svg> root elements?

So the syntax would just say <svg> but the DOM would have the node in 
the SVG namespace, right?  Presumably this would be limited to content 
with the image/svg+xml MIME type or something?

The big problem here is that this sounds like it requires some sort of 
custom XML parser.... or just not using an XML parser at all for 
image/svg+xml.  An off-the-shelf XML parser wouldn't be able to produce 
the behavior that's being suggested, as far as I can see.

> This is already allowed when inline in html[2].

Yes, because the HTML parser knows how to create things in the right 


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