Document Object in SVG


I am working on integrating tabindex into SVG2 as part of the SVG working
group. One of the technical issues we need to address pertains to the
Document object interface. To support tabindex we need to have support for
activeElement found in the the HTML5 Document object. This has brought the
entire discussion to bare wrt. script authors and the notion of having a
single DOM in the browser and how to deal with the Document Object in that

Anne would prefer we use the HTML5 Document Object for SVG when and SVG
Document is operating in the presence of an HTML5 document. This would give
us access to the active Element. In that context we would need to define
how we deal with Document Object methods that really don't apply to SVG
which I don't think is a problem. Yet, there were concerns that this
Mozilla may have an issue with that as they have been preserving an XML
Document Object for SVG. We would like to hear your position.

I have included a reference to the minutes of this discussion. If you start
at "we need active element" you will see this part of the discussion:


Rich Schwerdtfeger

Received on Wednesday, 27 March 2013 13:30:00 UTC