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2013/3/12 Boris Zbarsky <>

> On 3/12/13 8:59 AM, Rick wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Boris Zbarsky <
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>>     It seems to me like the right way to handle SVG and HTML wanting to
>>     share some DOM bits that really don't belong on Element for whatever
>>     reason is to factor out all those bits onto an separate interface
>>     that both HTMLElement and SVGElement implement...
>> If this can be done, it seems the best solution.
> It can certainly be done.  It just requires identifying what that shared
> subset should be.

As an author, beyond DOM stuff (innerHTML, outerHTML, etc.) that deserve to
live in Element, I would love to see the following HTMLElement properties
to be shared between HTML and SVG:

   - title
   - lang
   - style (it seams to be already the case \o/)
   - hidden
   - dataset (which implied support for data-* attributes on SVG content)
   - draggable
   - dropzone
   - contextmenu (wich implied to support the menu element in the SVG
   namesapce as well as in the HTML namespace... I could understand that this
   would be possible only for SVG-in-HTML)

I doubt className can be harmonized but because classList is part of DOM4
on Element this will make thing smoother for authors (please, dont mess
with classList on animated class attribute)

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