Re: SVGSVGElement.toDataURL()

2013/3/11 Robin Berjon <>

> On 11/03/2013 15:03 , Dirk Schulze wrote:
>> 'innerhHTML' is defined in 'HTMLElement.idl' at the moment. This
>> definition would need to move to 'Element.idl'. The HTML WG and
>> WEBAPS WG need to agree on that.
> Or conversely, SVGElement could inherit from HTMLElement.

Mmmh... I'm not sure about this for two reason :

   - Whatever people said, SVG is not HTML, and SVG can be used standalone,
   wich mean having a requirement to implement part of HTML to support SVG is
   not necessarily a good idea for some people (I think about people writing
   Vector Drawing Software that could allow to use and manipulate the output
   DOM for example)
   - Having innerHTML inside "Element.idl" allow to imagine using it on any
   XML content (MathML for instance) which will empowered users in many ways.

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