Re: Deprecating <tref>

Dear Working Group:

Thank you for your efforts and hard work in advancing SVG and in
maintaining a robust and important specification.

I ask you to consider that, while this proposal may not effect most
content, it definitely will break leading edge SVG applications currently
deployed in the air traffic industry.

<tref> is useful for shadowing text.

Consider an application that uses a cursor with coordinates following over
a multicolored display for mapping, image editing or CAD.  Having to set
only one element speeds the process up and improves the look, feel and
functionality of the application.

*S*hadowed text with <tref> is used in many less critical areas that
benefit from this convenience.

If this feature is deprecated, it will affect software used in high profile
engineering mapping displays deployed at major international airports on
five continents, soon to be six.

It's a good feature.


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 5:15 PM, Philip Rogers <> wrote:

> www-svg,
> I would like to propose deprecating <tref> from SVG2. I would also like to
> field your opinion on removing it from Blink.
> Our numbers show <tref> use in the wild is virtually nonexistant: less
> than 0.0000003% of pages. Furthermore, the supporting code is complex and
> has been a source of many security bugs in Blink and WebKit. Of the 24 tref
> bugs that have ever been filed against Chrome, 14 have been stability or
> security related.
> What do you think of slimming up both the spec and implementations by
> removing <tref>?
> Philip

*Rick Graham.
*Senior Applications Architect, NAVCanada <>.
*Contributing Author, Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG)

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