Re: Porting fill/stroke (and -opacity variants) to plain CSS

Hello Tab,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 8:15:41 PM, you wrote:

> Heya SVGWG, in today's CSSWG call fantasai suggested, to solve another
> issue, porting SVG's fill and stroke properties to plain CSS, with
> them applying only to text.

Sounds  reasonable to have them apply to text. They should not need to
be 'ported'.

> We'll look to existing SVG application of fill/stroke to <text>, and
> WebKit's use of their proprietary text-stroke and text-fill
> properties, to inform how they work.  We'll probably define them in
> the Text Decoration module.

> Any issues you anticipate with that?

So   this   would   not   be  the  same  properties,  but  differently
named/differently   acting  lookalikes?  Which  would  mean  that  SVG
implementations  would  then need to deal with both sets of properties
and their combinations, on SVG text?

Why  not  just  say  that the existing fill and stroke properties also
apply  to  (html)  text  elements?  I'm  sure SVG WG would be happy to
clarify or extend any terminology that seems SVG-specific to make that
work. And I would certainly be happier with that approach than a fork.

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