Re: fancy lines

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if there was ever a request for border
brushes. [1]
Basically, you draw a pattern cell and this cell is distorted along the
curve. The cell is either stretched or tiled (like CSS border images)

In your case, the cell would contain a double line or one wave.



On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 10:45 PM, Brenton Chapin <>wrote:

> Greetings list.  I dabble with SVG and am still trying to figure out what
> it can do.
> Stroke-dasharray allows the drawing of many kinds of dashed lines.  Is
> there any way to draw such things as a double line, tapered line, or a wavy
> line, with a single use of a path or line element?  The SVG documentation
> says patterns can be used for strokes, but I haven't been able to get that
> to work.  There's an example of a pattern used for a fill, but no example
> for a stroke.
> Another idea was <tspan dy="-1"> and <tspan dy="1"> for a double line,
> except tspan only works on text.
> Meantime, what does work for a double line is drawing a thin line in the
> background color on top of a thick line.
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