RE: [filter-effects] Animation between filter functions

At   Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:46 AM
Dirk Schulze wrote:

>To 2): Many filter functions (shothands) can be described by color
matrices. Is there a way to interpolate between 
>color matrices? I assume that it does not necessarily produce meaningful
results, just like interpolation between >matrix items on CSS transforms.
Does anyone have experience on that?

I recall having played with both the interpolation of color matrices and
transform matrices using SMIL in the past. I will try to poke around and see
what experiments I might find. 

The only one I see right now is (the rightmost example and
working properly in Opera and FF -- Chrome and Safari? Not so much) but I
built a couple hundred filter examples for our recent book, (and of course
one animates filter effects! -- it is as natural as replicating snowflakes)

What I remember is that fiddling with animations on color matrices was no
trickier than fiddling with color matrices in the first place -- it takes a
while to get one's head in the zone, but then it all makes sense and one
feels a small door opening in the corpus callossum . 


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