Re: intrinsicRatio and the CSS min/max algorithm

On 8/9/13 3:25 PM, Benjamin Lord wrote:
> Webkit and Blink both screw up all four versions

Well, yes.  That's a longstanding WebKit bug: the spec was updated to 
better integrate with CSS and they just didn't bother updating their 
code as far as I can tell...

> My point is that part of the blame for these ultra-basic layout features
> still being unusable for responsive production work in the year 2013 has
> to do with the intrinsic sizing SVG spec being convoluted, and
> (*deliberately*) poorly integrated with CSS, which is more intuitive,
> popularly understood, and battle-tested.

Initially intrinsic sizing of SVG was just totally broken (what WebKit 
implements).  It was changed to actually play nice with CSS (what Gecko 
and Presto implement).  If you think more changes would make it even 
better, please propose specific ones as you have, but at this point what 
you _really_ want is for WebKit to actually update its implementation of 
SVG, whether to what's specced now or to what you're proposing....


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