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On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 8:16 AM, Cameron McCormack <> wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> If you are lucky, adding a <link xmlns="**xhtml<>"
> rel="favicon" href="..." type="..."/> to your SVG document will work.  I
> haven't tested it.

Thanks Cameron.

I haven't tested it on all browsers.  I think I tried two and they failed.

It works if you use an XHTML wrapper, which I could just do.

I see this as a pretty basic requirement, provide a way for people to
visually file their SVG documents like they do and have done with all their
other web documents for over a decade.  Because it works.

Does everyone wrap their SVG in XHTML?  I don't think you should have to do
that to be a first class web doc.


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