Re: ACTION-3388: Investigating ArcThrough

About case 2:
Should it really create a full circle?
This would be new, because the path has to split into two 
paths and join again at the end of the segment.
What would be the expected behaviour for
animateMotion along such a path or for textPath?

And if only a circular arc is drawn the 
orientation of the arc relative to the rest of the
path has to be defined. The author needs
an additional flag to indicate, whether the arc is on the
left or the right relative to the local path progress direction,
including a default behaviour, if there is no such progress
direction (already available for markers and stroke-linecap etc),

Examples, what visual effect is expected by:
<path fill="blue" stroke="yellow" 
           d="M-100,0 0,0ArcThrough0,0 100,0h100" />  
<path fill="blue" stroke="yellow" 
          d="M-100,-100 0,0ArcThrough100,100 100,100l100,100" /> 
<path fill="blue" stroke="yellow" 
          d="M100,100 0,0ArcThrough-100,-100 -100,-100l-100,100" /> 
or :
<path fill="blue" stroke="yellow" 
          d="M0,0ArcThrough100,100 100,100" /> 
- Show simulated behaviour if only arcs are drawn.
- Show animateMotion and textPath simulations for such paths
  in case, a complete circle has to be drawn.

Maybe easier just to say it is a straight line from start to end
instead of an arc for case 2?

Will there be a relative command as well? arcThrough?
I think, this would be useful, as well as a shorter name for it.


Received on Wednesday, 26 September 2012 10:01:04 UTC