Re: Label Point of Polygons

Andreas Neumann:

> The other problem we need to solve, is what happens when a single SVG 
> path is made of multiple polygons. Do we only expose the label point of 
> the biggest polygon or one for each sub-path? IMO this should be 
>  user-configurable.

One can expand this argument to symmetrical objects, having multiple same
sized areas, just rotated or mirrored.
If one has for example an object with a discrete five-fold rotation symmetry
(a non-konvex polygon, simple enough, that it can be realised with the polygon
element) and the main areas outside the rotation center and
the rotation center not belonging to the shape, either one gets the rotation
center as the central point or one gets five centers, not just one.
Due to this symmetry reason there is not necessarily a unique solution, if it
is not acceptable, that the center point can be outside of the shape.


Received on Monday, 19 November 2012 11:47:39 UTC