Re: should we remove the kerning property in favour of font-kerning?


2012/5/31 David Dailey <>

> Losing the ability to do character by character kerning, which apparently
> is included in the proposal to deprecate would represent a step backward
> for authors abilities to mimic effects used in advertising and logos and,
> accordingly, for accessibility, by forcing authors to use bitmaps instead
> of fonts to convey stylistic effects such as in

As an author I'm not eager to keep the kerning property. Most of the time,
to achieve the effect you are talking about, I use regular path instead of
true glyph (with a "title" or "desc" for accessibility concerne). In the
case I must use true glyph, I relay on positioned "tspan" to mimic kerning
effect, so IMO dropping the kerning property is a no brainer.

If the kerning property (and SVG fonts) were widely supported in browsers
that would be another story, but the current state of implementation make
authors already looking for alternative ways to achieve the effects they
want. Generally speaking, dealing with text in SVG is a PITA so it's not
that unusual to relay on "foreignObject" + HTML to handle text in SVG Web
content... and with HTML we can use CSS. So having CSS Text features on SVG
is, IMO, an improvement for authors.

It's not related but the day we will have some kind of HTML like text flow
in SVG it will make web authors life happier :)

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