Re: should we remove the kerning property in favour of font-kerning?

On May 29, 2012, at 10:31 PM, Nikolas Zimmermann wrote:

> Am 27.05.2012 um 15:50 schrieb Dirk Schulze:
>> On May 27, 2012, at 1:22 AM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
>>> SVG 1.1 has the kerning property, which lets you override the kerning 
>>> information from the font to use a specific value.  You can use 
>>> "kerning: 0" to disable kerning, for example.  css3-fonts defines the 
>>> font-kerning property, which has values "none" to disable kerning, 
>>> "normal" to apply it, and "auto" to give the UA some leeway in 
>>> determining whether it should apply.
>> I rely on the experience of Niko and I hope he answers to this thread as well. Personally I would continue with CSS styling and am in favor for dropping 'kerning'. But I have no idea if it is in use somewhere.
> Sorry for the delayed answer. I see nothing that holds back removing 'kerning'.
> In WebKit it doesn't matter if you specify kerning=".." or -webkit-font-kerning=".." - it's mapped to the same values internally. So it's easy for us to do the switch.
> Are we concerned about backwards compatibility here?
If they are that similar, why not making 'kerning' a presentation attribute for 'font-kerning'?


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> Niko

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