the meaning overflow:auto for SVG elements

I think I remember this being brought up before, but I can't find 
anything on the mailing list with a quick search.

SVG 1.1 says the the value "auto" for SVG elements means the same as 
"visible", which is quite different from CSS boxes, where it means 
"scroll if you have a scrolling mechanism, and hidden otherwise".  Given 
that we don't allow scrolling viewports in SVG, shouldn't "auto" mean 
"hidden" for us?

Oh I just found the mail I was thinking of, from dbaron:

That never got a reply, and I said in that I would 
bring it up again.  I doubt anyone is relying on overflow:auto meaning 
visible; Gecko still interprets it as hidden, although WebKit and Opera 
do follow the current spec here.

Updated test attached.

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