Re: using CSS syntax for presentation attributes

* Cameron McCormack wrote:
>I just mentioned in 
> that 
>implementations (unsurprisingly) differ in whether they accept CSS-style 
>comments and escapes in presentation attributes.  In the spirit of 
>reducing the differences between values in presentation attributes and 
>style sheet declarations (and remember that we have already agreed to 
>remove the case sensitivity of them), what do people think about 
>allowing comments and escapes in presentation attributes?

Given that we've been discussing this issue for over a decade, and the
rather firm decision by one of the former SVG Working Groups that they
would rather roll their own syntax for everything than adopt the weird
CSS syntax that allows comments and escapes and other things in odd
places, it would be helpful if someone could dig out the minutes where
that decision was made, to avoid re-hashing the arguments made back then
if nothing else. They are probably member-only, but that should be no
problem for members...
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