Agenda request for CSS3 Transform and transform-origin syntax


I want to add a new agenda item for the CSS WG call tomorrow: "CSS3 Transform and transform-origin syntax"

There was a discussion on www-style[1] about the syntax of transform-origin recently. The discussion didn't reach to a conclusion. Because this is a blocking issue for the 2d part of the spec, it should have a high priority.

To summarize the topic:

Should 'transform-origin' have the same syntax like 'background-position'.

If yes, how do we behave on the 3D part of transform-origin? 2D part can have up to 4 arguments. Add a slash after the 2d part that separates it from the 3d translation (a length value)? Add a new property for 3D translation named transform-origin-z that takes a length value?

If not, can calc() be used to combine arguments the same way as it is possible for 'background-position' '' (i.e. calc(top 10px))? Should transform-origin just support up to 3 arguments for horizontal, vertical and z translation?



Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2012 20:09:30 UTC