Re: font object order

On Mar 4, 2012, at 17:01:31, Helder Magalh„es wrote:

> I don't think the specification mentions that they all need to be
> defined at the top of the file, although it's a general good practice
> to declare objects to be referenced later in a "defs" section,
> typically placed near start of the document, something the
> specification font examples [1] follow.


> Note that the specification [1] states that "An SVG font can be either
> embedded within the same document that uses the font or saved as part
> of an external resource." although, in my experience, several
> implementations that support SVG fonts don't support externally
> referenced ones (most notably WebKit, though AFAIK this is being
> changed as we speak). :-)

That won't affect me, as I need to build stand-alone svg files.

> For future questions that mostly involve questions and/or support, the
> Yahoo! SVG Developers group is probably a better place to ask: "This
> mailing list is for technical discussion on Scalable Vector Graphics
> (SVG) and its specifications." [3]. ;-)

Ah, thanks. I guess I missed the part about "the development of the SVG specifications, test materials, and other deliverables".


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