Re: [css4-values] basic data types in SVG

Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu:
> 2. Unlike CSS2.1, wsp doesn't include form feeds, i.e. #xC. I think
> that's because XML doesn't allow form feeds. But #xC will appear in
> SVG-in-HTML and browsers support this.
> (Tested with
> data:text/html,<svg xmlns=""
> xmlns:xlink="">   <rect x="100" y="100"
> width="100" height="100"
> style="stroke:black;fill:none;stroke-dasharray:2px%0C2px;"/></svg>
> )
> I think it might be nice to move this whole "Basic Data Types" section
> into css4-values so some of these quirky test cases can have a common home.

Completely agree, and hopefully we can end up settling on the normal CSS 
property parsing behaviour for white space separated tokens rather than 
SVG having its own, even for presentation attributes.  I think most of 
that section can be dropped, and properties that are defined in the SVG 
spec can reference the types defined in css3-values or wherever.

Received on Sunday, 10 June 2012 02:28:40 UTC