Re: SVG Requirements - PRNG and Font shaping

On 1/22/12 3:42 PM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> just addressing the first point:
> Charles Pritchard:
>> Mozilla has made it very clear that they will not implement SVG Fonts
>> without additional extensions.
>> They've put weight behind their veto threat in all versions of Firefox.
>> They've demanded that the Fonts chapter, if supported, must have
>> additional features. Otherwise, they will only support WOFF.
> We (Mozilla) are working towards an SVG-inside-OpenType solution.  
> This will provide better internationalisation and a simpler model for 
> animated, graphical fonts.  This approach seems to have some support 
> within the Working Group, although nothing formal has been written up 
> or resolved upon yet.

And I'm very much looking forward to it. There is an open source 
solution available for decoding open type files, modifying and 
re-encoding them back to binary, all from JavaScript. That solution will 
help prototyping the SVG-inside-OpenType spec -- and I look forward to 
doing so with WebKit in the future.

But as for the current issue, Mozilla has raised objections with the SVG 
Fonts chapter, pending resolution:
"the main issue is complex shaping"

I'd like to see the SVG inside opentype included in the SVG2 
requirements, too.


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