Re: function-based input for <animate> (ACTION-3142)

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> Hi Erik and all,
> Thanks for the opportunity to explain this in a bit more detail. Many of  
> my comments were rather cryptic, I realize.
> In short, the proposal is to extend animateMotion so that it may effect  
> other pairs of attributes of objects than just their x and y positions.
> What I was getting at here is the fact that declarative animation has  
> limited ability to control the way in which attributes change values.
> Either, in the case of <animateMotion>, there is the ability to control  
> the x and y positions of SVG elements through a path: a function mapping  
> time to x and to y --from that it is natural to affiliate the x and y  
> positions of points to follow that path.

The WG has discussed this proposal, and it was resolved that SVG 2 will
support path-based animations of pairs of attributes.

If you have any specific use-cases in mind other than the examples you've
already posted in this thread please let us know, to ensure that the  
will be covered when this requirement is addressed.

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