Re: Agenda request: Presentation attributes in animation sandwich model

On 02/24/2012 02:13 PM, Dirk Schulze wrote:
>> However, after a little testing, it looks like I was wrong on that -- it
>> appears that CSS animations override SMIL animations in Gecko right now,
>> when both are in play.
> Do CSS Transitions override SMIL animations as well?

Yes: at least in Gecko, the intermediate transitioned style does appear 
to override SMIL animations' style. (side-note: we do prevent SMIL 
animation from *triggering* CSS transitions, to keep from entering into 
a death-spiral)

Here's a testcase for transitions vs. SMIL:

At least on that testcase, webkit disagrees with gecko -- the 
transitioned style loses to the SMIL-animated style.  I tested Opera, 
too, but it wouldn't seem to honor the transition. (its documentation 
seems to suggest that it doesn't support CSS transitions on SVG content[1])


("This article will guide you through how to use CSS3 transitions and 
briefly touch on how the equivalent can also be achieved in SVG via SMIL.")

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