[svg11 errata] Re: Mask and Clip behavior

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, 9:28:18 PM, Jeremie wrote:

JP> So to make things clearer for every one, I suggest two actions :
JP> Update the current SVG spec to add a note to all the relevant
JP> attributes definition that do not support percentage value
JP> relative to the object bounding box (gradientUnits, patternUnits,
JP> patternContentUnits, clipPathUnits, maskUnits, maskContentUnits, filterUnits or primitiveUnits):
JP> « Note that percentage values are not affected by the
JP> 'objectBoundingBox' value and, according to the units processing
JP> rules,  are defined to be relative to the size of the viewport
JP> applicable to the object the
JP> gradient|mask|pattern|clip|filter|primitive is applied to. »

This looks like a reasonable SVG 1.1 SE errata item to me. Lets discuss, and if we agree we can add it.

(I also agree about the SVG2 proposal, but wanted to make sure this potential erratum was not lost in other discussion).

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