Style elements in SVG content

The SVG 1.1 spec, Section 6.10 on the "style" element
( has me asking

1. What is the scope of a "style" element? In html, all style elements
must appear in the document head, and hence have global scope inside
the body. Selectors limit the scope to particular elements. In svg, I
could see style only having scope according to its location in the
tree, like a clip or filter property. But it probably makes more sense
to have it be global. The spec should be definitive on this.

2. Assuming style elements are global, how are multiple, conflicting
style elements resolved? Tree based inheritance? Document order with
inheritance? Document order with replacement? Tree order with
replacement? The spec should say.

Referencing the html style element is not helpful in answering these
questions, is its restriction to the document head avoids most of the
issues (which is at least some of the reason why style must be in


Received on Thursday, 9 February 2012 16:46:31 UTC