Re: Small enhancement proposal for SVG

Hi Jeremie,

(2012/02/04 22:36), Jeremie Patonnier wrote:
> *keySplines attribute
> *
> At the moment, SVG (1.1 and 1.2Tiny) said that keySplines  is "A set of
> Bézier control points associated with the ‘keyTimes’ list, defining a
> cubic Bézier function that controls interval pacing" [1]
> I wonder if it could be possible to consider allowing some keywords for
> common cubic Bézier function. The CSS Transition module defines such
> keywords [2] and it would be nice for authors to have the same set of
> keywords in SVG :)

A few of us are working on lining up SVG's animation features with CSS 
Animations/Transitions for SVG 2 and this is definitely one of the items 
on the radar. Hopefully this (and a number of other differences) should 
be fixed soon!



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