Re: display:none and mixed SVG and HTML

On 2/2/12 8:30 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> No, CSS does *not* require that no boxes are generated in these cases.

Actually, it does, as thing stand.

>   Strictly, it requires that counters don't set/reset/increment, quotes
> don't start/end nesting, transitions don't start, and animations don't
> run.  This can be accomplished by not generating boxes, but also just
> by explicitly shutting those properties down.

CSS has no provisions for this.  If there are boxes, then the counters 
and quotes are affected.  Think trivial case of a foreignObject inside a 
paint server; if you generate boxes for the HTML in that foreignObject, 
how exactly do you not allow them to increment counters if they have 
counter styles?

Again, there are various ways this could be defined, but please don't 
pretend that there is no problem.  There is one, and it needs changes to 
CSS or SVG or both to resolve.


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